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Synthetic data
that works ...

Use GenAI for generating large-scale synthetic datasets to advance the performance of your computer vision tasks. 

Let our Data Take Your Business to Higher Grounds

We use generative AI technology to generate balanced data distributions of synthetic data. This leads to unprecedented performance for your AI models.

Any Sensor,   
Any Task

With our technology you can perfectly replicate any sensor including RGB, LiDAR, Stereo, and Hyper-Spectral.

Better than
Real Data

With generative AI our technology enables generating synthetic data with unprecedented visual fidelity that automatically improves your application. 

Custom and Pixel-Precise Labels

Any label can be generated with perfect precision. This avoids training errors and enables faster AI model development.

Low Costs,
Fast Turn-Arounds

Our solutions enable to quickly produce large and diverse datasets. This allows to train resilient AI models even when requirements change.

Why Customers Choose GreenMatterAI


10+ Years of experience in developing synthetic data and AI applications


50+ Successfully delivered use cases with measurable product impact


Team of high-profile researchers and skilled ML engineers to deliver large-scale and high-performing data sets


5M+ delivered data points for high-impact training of neural networks for computer vision tasks


Cross-industry experience of working on diverse and large-scale uses cases

Driven by State-of-the-Art
AI Research

At GreenMatter AI, we are committed to fostering a culture deeply rooted in research and innovation. Our mission is to harness the transformative power of artificial intelligence to solve real-world challenges, pushing the boundaries of what is possible with technology. Our team thrives in an environment that values curiosity, rigorous analytical thinking, and groundbreaking discoveries.

Our dedication to research is not just about staying at the forefront of technological advancements — it's about creating them. At GreenMatter AI, every project starts with a question: How can AI make a difference here? From there, our team of experts delves into exploratory research, drawing on a diverse array of disciplines to inform our development processes. This approach ensures that we are not just reacting to the current trends but actively shaping the future of AI.

Our Partners


Are You Ready to Accelerate Your Business with
Synthetic Data?

Learn more about our technology, our solutions and our team. 

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